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  5. Windows Phone gets Skype final build

Windows Phone gets Skype final build

Windows Phone gets Skype final build

Windows Phone fans will be pleased to know Skype has officially graduated from beta status to release-build rank for Microsoft’s platform.

Having undergone a successful beta trial, a full version of the video-calling service – Skype 1.0 – is now available to download on Windows Marketplace.

It supports 18 languages and brings several improvements, mostly performance optimisations and bug fixes. However, in news that will enrage more than a few smartfans, it doesn’t run in the background for some reason, meaning you won’t be able to receive calls unless the app is constantly open.

“This is the first of many releases to come for Windows Phone, so stay tuned for even more capabilities in the future,” a company spokesperson said.

“We believe in the great potential of the Windows Phone platform and will continue to invest over time to enable experiences unmatched by any other app in the market.”

It’s likely Skype eventually add background functionality, something already supported by the app’s iOS and Android counterparts. That said, users might wonder why it’s not available from the outset when the beta ran for a good two months.

Reports are also beginning to emerge that the app doesn’t work with lower-end phones, which won’t go down too well with owners of older, cheaper models.

Microsoft acquired the VoIP giant last summer in a landmark deal estimated at $8.5 billion (around £5.3bn). Despite this, the service has remained largely independent, with little sign of favouritism shown towards Windows platforms.

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