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  5. LG Nexus 4 crops up in retailer's inventory

LG Nexus 4 crops up in retailer's inventory

LG Nexus 4 crops up in retailer's inventory

A listing for what appears to be the next Google Nexus smartphone has surfaced in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory, ahead of the handset’s expected November due date.

A snatched image purportedly showing Carphone’s internal systems mentions a handset dubbed the ‘LG Nexus 4’, suggesting that the South Korean phone-maker has been enlisted to manufacture what will be the fourth Nexus-branded smartphone.

lg nexus 4

However, that jars rather with another leak from earlier this week from the same retailer that indicated that Samsung, which made the current-gen Galaxy Nexus, has been retained by Google for the forthcoming model. This showed a listing for a phone dubbed the Samsung Nexus 2.

So what to make of this? Well, one possible explanation is simply that there’s been a mix-up. But we’re not buying that. Far more likely is that we’re in for two Nexus phones this time around, with LG’s most likely to be a budget option and Samsung’s pegged as the top-end model.

Specs for the handsets aren’t yet clear. But rumours suggest that, unlike earlier Nexus phones, neither will debut a new version of Android.

It had previously been surmised that the next Nexus would showcase the as-yet-unconfirmed Key Lime Pie edition of Google’s OS.


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