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Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 landing October 29th?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 landing October 29th?

Google has sent out invitations to a mystery press event at the end of the month, sparking speculation that we could be in for some new additions the Nexus range of vanilla Android-toting smartphones.

The cryptic flyer for the event on October 29th doesn’t mention what will be unveiled and features only the none-more-enigmatic tagline “the playground is open” and the entreaty to join Google for an “Android event”.

google android event

However, with a welter of rumours surfacing in recent weeks about new Nexus phones, the smart money is surely on the search giant lifting the lid on a successor – or indeed successors - to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Last week, purported leaks from Carphone Warehouse’s inventory appeared to confirm the existence of a handset none-too-imaginatively dubbed the Galaxy Nexus 2, as well a Nexus-branded kit from LG called the LG Nexus 4.

Subsequently, details of what could be a third Nexus smartphone from Sony have also surfaced online, corroborating chatter that Google will ditch its policy of releasing a single top-end Nexus phone every year in favour of a slew of devices across a range of price points.

Previous Nexus devices have always landed in the last quarter of the year and have been used by Google to set standards for third-party manufacturing partners to reach with their own handsets.

Traditionally, new Nexus phones have also debuted a similarly spanking-new version of the Android operating system. But with no fresh iteration of the platform on the horizon, it looks like this may not be the case this time around.

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