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Sony Nexus X photos unearthed?

Sony Nexus X photos unearthed?

Images purported to show a Sony Nexus-branded smartphone have surfaced online, setting the scene what’s shaping to be an onslaught of devices bearing Google’s imprint before the year is out.

Sourced by Xperia Blog, the snaps show a decidedly lengthy, phablet-style gadget titled the Sony Nexus X with the flat frontage and curved rear that are design hallmarks of Sony Android kits.

sony nexus leak

Also very much present and correct in the photos, the veracity of which we should say has been questioned by some tech-watchers, is both Sony and Google branding, reflecting the collaborative nature of the Nexus range.

Assuming they are the real thing and not fakes, it increasingly looks as though Google is planning to bring a slew of Nexus phones to market in months.

Earlier this month, we heard tell of another Nexus Samsung handset, imaginatively titled the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 and expected to land in November.

That was followed a matter of days later by news of an LG Nexus phone, apparently dubbed the LG Nexus 4, which cropped up in a screenshot of a Carphone Warehouse inventory.

sony nexus back

In the event that the leaks are based on fact, it looks as though Google could be extending the Nexus brand from a single, high-end flagship phone per year to a selection of kits at different price points.

The search giant is also rumoured to be planning a new 32GB version of the Nexus 7 tablet, which could replace the current 16GB top-of-the-range model and would sell for £199.


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