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Key Lime Pie 'confirmed as next Android iteration'

Key Lime Pie 'confirmed as next Android iteration'

The next major version of Android will be codenamed Key Lime Pie, a Google employee has nigh-on confirmed.

Rumours that the Floridian speciality is bequeathing its name to the as-yet-unseen 5.0 edition of Android, in keeping with the snack-obsessed Google devs’ tradition, have been rife for months.

Android Key Lime Pie in doodles

However, they were all but rubber-stamped today when Google employee Manu Cornet posted a self-drawn comic on his Google+ page that co-opts the famous Ascent of Man illustration to tell the story of the evolution of Android. At the point where Google’s OS is most evolved/up-to-date in Cornet’s cartoon, the fully erect Android is very clearly chowing down on Key Lime Pie.

Quite what Android 5.0 will bring to the smartphone party or when it will arrive remains a closely guarded secret right now.

But if past form is anything to go by, it will most likely debut on the next Google Nexus phone, which means it might not land for another 12 months.

Persistent speculation also suggests that it could bring some of the key features of Chrome OS to Android.


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