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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie dropping Q2 on new Nexus phone?

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie dropping Q2 on new Nexus phone?

The next major new edition of Android will be along next quarter, leaked information from one of the world’s biggest processor suppliers suggests.

A roadmap from Qualcomm for 2013 indicating that the update will be along during Q2 was picked up by a number of tech sites before being removed en masse at the company’s request.

That all-but rubber-stamps the story in our book. Especially given that the Google I/O annual developers’ conference, which has previously seen the launch of new Android iterations, typically takes place in May or June.

Android Key Lime Pie in doodles

An explanation for the removal of the story posted on Android Authority states: “The information previously posted at this URL contained Qualcomm confidential and copyrighted information that was posted without Qualcomm’s authorization.

“It has been removed at Qualcomm’s request. Please immediately destroy any copies that you may have made of this information.”

The documents also revealed that two new gadgets powered by Qualcomm processors will be along during the third quarter.

Reading between the lines, it seems likely that these will be a new Google Nexus phone and a sequel to the Nexus 7 tablet, seemingly imaginatively dubbed the Nexus 7 2, both of which could take a bow at the I/O event.

The roadmap also makes mention of two further, unnamed Qualcomm chipset-toting devices also due this year. With one of these purportedly arriving in Q2, the smart money must surely be on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is set to drop at a special press call in April.


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