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Top 5 things we want to see at Google I/O

Top 5 things we want to see at Google I/O

Google’s annual I/O conference kicks off next week. The three-day bash has become a byword for innovation, especially after Google Glass got its first proper airing at the event last year.

2013 promises to be every bit as good, with rumours flying about the Big G’s latest plans.

So, before May 15th comes around, here are five things we desperately want to see unveiled at Google I/O 2013.

1 Android 4.3

Android Jelly Bean sculpture at Googleplex

Google has traditionally used I/O to tout its latest version of Android. This time around though, it won’t be unleashing a major update and will instead focus on the jump from Android 4.2 to Android 4.3.

That means we’ve still got to wait for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, but at least this comparatively incremental boost could provide better gaming graphics and tweaked Bluetooth.

However, don’t be surprised if Larry Page unleashes some new native Android apps to placate hardcore users.

2 Google Smartwatch

google smartwatch patent

It’s been widely rumoured that Google is working on its own Apple iWatch rival.

And it’s safe to say that there’s surely no better place to show it off for the first time than I/O with a captive audience of developers watching on.

The device is unlikely to be ready for retail, but at least we could see how it’ll dovetail with Android and Google Glass.

3 Nexus 4G

lg nexus 4 large

Don’t expect Google to unleash the Nexus 5 just yet. It’s far too early in its production cycle for such a move. However, a 4G version of the Nexus 4 would be most welcome.

Google has apparently been testing Android 4.3 using 4G-loaded versions of its flagship.

Let’s just hope that if it releases it quickly, LG can cope with demand. The last thing the fifth Nexus kit needs is another case of endless of Nexus 4-style delays.

4 Google Babel

google babel

The unified chat service that Google has been working on for ages is also surely set to make an appearance.

Pulling together GTalk, video chats and perhaps a texting service to take on iMessage, WhatsApp and BBM, this will be a flagship feature that you can expect Google to talk up endlessly in the coming weeks.

5 A new Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Google official

The budget Nexus 7 has proved to be a hit, but with Amazon upping its Kindle Fire HD game and a Retina Display-packing iPad Mini forthcoming, now’s the time for a new version.

We’re thinking a higher-res screen, improved native apps and a swankier design. All that and a price point that slips below the £100 mark.

If Google can achieve that, it’ll leave its rivals trailing. For a few months at least.

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