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LG prepping next Google Nexus?

LG prepping next Google Nexus?

LG’s Nexus 4 teething problems aside, Google’s current flagship Android device has proved to be one of the year’s hottest handsets. And after a few cross words about who was to blame for that phone’s delays, Google has apparently chosen LG to craft its successor.

The Korea Times reports that Google chief Larry Page made a recent trip to the peninsula, holding meetings with both LG and its big rival Samsung.

Despite Samsung having made two previous Nexus phones, Page has apparently told LG that it’s won the race to impress the ever-growing band of Android aficionados.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about what we can expect from a new Nexus. Likely to be called the Nexus 5, it should pack in 4G LTE, something the current model is sorely lacking.

It’s also guaranteed that the new device will rock the latest version of Android, without any pesky custom skins.

Whether it can match the bargain bucket price of the Nexus 4, though, remains to be seen. If so, then we could be looking at the world’s first truly affordable 4G smartphone.


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