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  5. Google Nexus 5: Is this the most leaked phone ever?

Google Nexus 5: Is this the most leaked phone ever?

Google Nexus 5: Is this the most leaked phone ever?

Tech-watchers are used to leaks. They’re the currency that helps us get by in the lean periods between actual unveilings.

Rumours are all well and good, but a decent leaked part gives far more credence to a story and helps build a picture of what the industry’s biggest players are plotting.

In recent weeks, we’ve not been able to move for Nexus 5 leaks.

Press shots, blurry spy shots, even Google itself posting the device for sale on its Play Store.

It’s hard to think of another phone in 2013 that has been so comprehensively leaked.

Google Nexus 5 leaked image

Sure, we knew a lot about the iPhone 5s, but the level of detail we already have on the Nexus 5 is insane.

We know all about that 4.95-inch, Full 1080p display.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, the eight megapixel camera, now even the price thanks to a Google staffer pulling the trigger too early with that Play listing.

When the Big G does decide to come over all official with the Nexus 5, there’s going to be little or nothing new to get our teeth into.

Now, is that a good or a bad thing? It’s always good to have some idea of what a company is planning, but it’s nice when something has been kept back.

It’s likely Google may have the odd morsel about the phone’s MEMS camera, or something new about Android KitKat to share.

But it’ll largely be confirming what the tech community has known for weeks.

These days, it seems it’s virtually impossible for any company to keep a forthcoming device under wraps.

android kit kat

Apple used to be renowned for having a tight hold on what got leaked.

Now its supply chain is the equivalent of a leaky sieve, with parts galore flooding tech blogs.

But it’s hard to think of anything as all-encompassing as the Nexus 5 stuff that’s been filtering out in recent weeks.

It’s endless and makes you wonder whether its manufacturer, LG, is even that fussed about letting details out.

Because surely there is some way that these things can be kept from the wider public?

nexus 5 leak

Sony has said it wants to bring an end to its handsets and other kit leaking out at will. Surely LG and Google will want to do the same.

Any tech geek worth their salt loves a decent leak. But when it detracts from the story and leaves us without anything new to discuss at launch, surely it’s not worth it.

Companies need to tighten up in order to stop it feeling like we’re finding our presents stashed in our parents wardrobe on Christmas Eve.

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