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Google Now for iOS gets major update

Google Now for iOS gets major update

iPhone users hungry for the latest Google juice can now access a heap of new Google Now features, after Mountain View updated its Search app for iOS.

The revamped service offers notifications, delivering details about delayed transport or when it’s time to leave to make your next meeting. Reminders mean you won’t forget to carry out key tasks, by simply asking Google Now to tell you to remember at the right time.

Best of all though, a new 'remind-me' button in Google’s search tool means you can stay clued-up on when your favourite band has a gig coming up, a TV show you’re desperate to watch is on or just get the latest football gossip.

Google has also rolled out a series of new cards, serving up info on your last train home, movie tickets and even boarding passes.

You can even speak to Google Now, saying ‘OK Google’ and giving your request. Basically, it’s like a far better thought-out version of Siri.

iOS users can snag this free update now from the App Store. Android users, you’ve already been at the party for a while, so let the iPhone guys have their fun for now.



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