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Google Play Newsstand revealed

Google Play Newsstand revealed

Google has officially rolled out its new Newsstand application. The native add-on replaces the search giant’s Currents app, taking the place of Play Magazines on Android phones too.

As well as being the place to manage subscriptions and read your favourite papers and mags, you’ll be able to access the latest news, just as you did with Google Currents.

The idea is that the more you read via the Newsstand app, the better it gets at recommending articles.

There’s the ability to offline articles and magazines, making it perfect for travel too. The upshot ought to be a more unified news reading experience, which until now Android has somewhat lacked.

What’s more the Big G says it’s planning on bringing Play Newsstand to iOS next year. That’s a bold move that’ll put it firmly on Apple’s territory. Cupertino’s similar monikered service remains a clunky beast that has hardly been improved with the launch of iOS 7.



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