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LG tweaks Google Nexus 5 design

LG tweaks Google Nexus 5 design

Google Nexus 5 manufacturer LG has given the well-received smartphone a minor makeover, reacting to a series of complaints from users about a number of hardware failures.

The speaker grille on the bottom of the device has been tweaked, with the Korean company widening the holes in order to offer slightly improved sound.

Meanwhile, the company has added stiffened power and volume keys, after the web was flooded with complaints about buttons rattling when the phone was in use.

The changes aren’t hugely significant, but they do show that both LG and Google seem to be listening to complaints and making changes swiftly. It’s all a far cry from this time last year, when the companies were engaged in a war of words over lengthy delays to the then flagship Nexus 4.

Source XDA

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