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  5. Google Android camera app update detailed

Google Android camera app update detailed

Google Android camera app update detailed

Google’s long–awaited update for the Android camera app will feature a new look user interface, as well as improved portrait shooting and beefed-up panorama smarts. That’s according to ‘sources aware of Google’s plans’ who've spoken anonymously with Engadget.

The Big G is said to be readying background blurring when taking shots of friends and pets, giving images a sharper, more professional feel.

Photo Sphere, Google’s proprietary 360º shooting mode, is also changing, offering higher resolution snaps.

What’s more, Google has also killed off Android’s infuriating automatic crop, which does not allow users to see 100% of what they’re shooting when framing a shot.

This will be much welcomed by power users and those tired of finding the errant feature on the side of their photos once they’ve taken them.

Third-party filters may also be available, with Google said to be happy to open up the camera app to developers and allow them to create additional effects.

Interestingly, Google is set to offer these changes to its Camera app as a standalone update, rather than as part of the next boost to Android KitKat.

That means users across the Android spectrum will see the new–look camera at the same time and won’t have to wait for their manufacturer to offer a wider OS upgrade.



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