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  5. Google Nexus 8 photo leaked on I/O site?

Google Nexus 8 photo leaked on I/O site?

Google Nexus 8 photo leaked on I/O site?

A teaser photo of the next-gen Nexus tablet could have surfaced online. And rather than the usual shadowy source, this time the provenance is none other than Google.

The snap of the mystery tablet surfaced on the official site for Google’s I/O event, where it was spotted by I/O is the search giant’s equivalent of Apple’s WWDC devs expo.

google nexus 8 i/o

Signs that what we’re looking at is something as yet unseen are the front-facing speakers – a feature that’s entirely new to the Nexus range and tips up on very few Android tablets in general.

Adding extra credence to the Nexus 8 theory is that front-facing speakers were a key feature of HTC’s BoomSound-toting One M8. HTC, you may or not remember, is rumoured to be manufacturing the so-called Nexus 8 on Google’s behalf.

As SlashGear points out, there’s also more than a hint of earlier HTC tablets about the slate in the snaps. Not least in its cute rounded edges.

Leaks surrounding specs for the Nexus 8 haven’t been terribly forthcoming, so there’s little else to look out for in the image by way of clues.

Still, with I/O showcase set for June 14th/26th, we’ve got less a month until we find out for sure what Google’s got in store for us this time around.


Slash Gear

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