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Google Android L previewed

Google Android L previewed

Google pulled the wrappers off the upcoming ‘L’ version of Android at its annual I/O event in San Francisco yesterday, as the search giant bids to overcome claims its smartphone software is still less user-friendly than Apple's iOS.

The updated OS wasn't given a release date, but plenty has been revealed about Google’s plans.

Google bills the software as the biggest ever overhaul of Android, a move which is much–needed following Apple’s work with iOS 7 and the more recent iOS 8.

Cosmetically, the 'L' edition OS adopts a 'flatter' design called Material Design and looks a lot more slick and straightforward than the current, fussy version of Android.

Notifications have been given a new look, with the chance to interact with them from your lock screen. Just double tap and you'll be taken to the app in question.

Android in space

Best of all, notifications are now ordered according to importance, depending on how often you use a particular app.

Heads–up notifications will appear in–app to give you key information about important tasks too. These have the potential to be annoying, but are easily dismissed or ignored with a quick swipe.

Google has also tightened ties between Android and Chrome, with restaurant searches on your desktop now opening up apps on your smartphone.

Sadly, there’s no word on when Google is going to release Android L, although developers have been promised a beta version ‘soon’.

But with Android KitKat still struggling to find its way onto the majority of Google phones, it could be some time before we see a final build being released to the public.

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