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Google Glass in the UK: Five things you need to know

Google Glass in the UK: Five things you need to know

Google Glass is finally coming to the UK. On Monday, the Big G revealed its plans to sell the smart specs on these shores, causing plenty of stir.

The opinion-dividing piece of kit has been available to special members of Google’s‘Explorer’ programme for over a year.

But commercial availability should mean you’ll start seeing a lot more people looking like pioneers or prats, depending on how you feel about techno eyewear.

So, what’s all the fuss about? And, more importantly, how much will a pair set you back?

Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1They’re not cheap

google glass

You’ll need a cool £1,000 in order to snare a pair of Google Glass specs.

There are five different colours available (charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale, sky) and if you snap them up now you should have them on your doorstep within two working days.

If you’re still keen (and not short of a few quid), you can buy them directly from Google Play.

2 They’re still in beta

google glass dvf

Yep, despite that £1,000 price tag, Google Glass is still very much in the testing phase.

The specs on sale are the same ‘Explorer Edition’ ones that have been available for some time in the States.

Google says the pioneers who buy them should feedback any information about kinks they encounter, so it can improve the software.

3 UK apps up for grabs

google glass dog

OK, there are only five UK-specific apps, but that’s better than a kick in the teeth, right?, The Guardian, Zombie Run, Shazam and Star Chart are all available from the dedicated Glassware store, are designed to showcase the different aspects of Google Glass.

Grab them all and you can call up the latest news, scan the night sky and learn about what you’re looking at or play a virtual reality game that will leave onlookers thinking you may need help.

4 Prescription models and sunglasses incoming

girl from tomorrow

The standard Explorer specs can make you look like an extra from classic Aussie kids drama ‘The Girl From Tomorrow’.

Some would say that’s no bad thing, but for those with less refined taste in cult telly, there are always the forthcoming Diane Von Furstenberg sunglasses and prescription frames.

There will be eight different sunny designs and five swappable frames.

There’s no official word on when UK versions of these will be available.

5 Try them for size

google glass basecamp

If you live in London, or are just really keen to see what the fuss is about, you can take Google Glass for a test drive at a special store in King’s Cross.

Also known as a Glass “Basecamp” this will let you see whether you really feel like a mug going around talking to and stroking your glasses.

If the answer is no, then Google Glass is for you.

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