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  5. Nike releases Fuelband Android app

Nike releases Fuelband Android app

Nike releases Fuelband Android app

Nike has released an Android version of its Fuelband app, giving lie to recent rumours that the sport band is due to be discontinued around the same time as the launch of Apple’s iWatch.

The new app, which is Nike's first-ever foray onto Google's smartphone platform, works just like its iOS sibling.

Users can hook up a Fuelband SE to their Android smartphone over Bluetooth LE and then see their progress via feature such as ‘Sessions’, which tracks specific movements depending on which sport you’re doing, and ‘Move Reminders’, aimed at keeping users moving every hour.

Nike is expected to play a key role in the launch of the iWatch, with some online gossip suggesting it is providing tracking software for Apple’s new device.

This Android move shows, however, that the sportswear giant remains committed to its own wearable kit too.

There are limitations on who can use the Nike+ Fuelband Android app, however. Punters will need Android 4.3 and above and will have to be packing a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or S5, HTC One, Nexus 5 or Moto X.



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