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Android L battery life boosted

Android L battery life boosted

The new 'L' edition of Google's Android operating system delivers up to 36% better battery life than its predecessor Android KitKat, tests on the recently released developer build of the OS revealed.

The hardcore tech types at Ars Technica carried out a series of tests on Google’s ‘Project Volta’, which is designed to keep Android phones working for longer.

They used the same device (a Google Nexus 5), with the same screen brightness, and devised a test that involved updating apps and refreshing web pages.

Interestingly, they didn’t utilise Android L’s battery saver mode for this test, meaning it could well be possible to eke out even more time for playing games and messing around on the web.

Android L’s developer preview was only released last week and remains in its early stages.

But with this good news coming so early in its lifetime, the final build should mean battery life for all Android phones that use 'L' should be significantly improved.


Ars Technica

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