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Android KitKat now on 20% of Google phones

Android KitKat now on 20% of Google phones

Android KitKat is now being used by 20% of all Google–backed smartphones and tablets, after a sharp rise in recent months.

The new figure, released by Google, covers a week–long period earlier in August and follows a long period marked by slow adoption of the freshly baked version of its platform.

In July, KitKat could only be found on 17.9% of Android phones, up from a mere 15% in June. The release of new top–end Android devices, especially the LG G3, will doubtless have helped push the number up.

But it's not all happy reading for Google, with 2013’s Android release still well behind previous editions of the software.

Collectively, Jelly Bean-branded versions of the operating system can be found on 54.2% of Android phones, showing that the search giant still has a long way to go when it comes to ensuring all users have access to the latest software.

Reiterating those still very real fragmentation concerns, the positively ancient Android Gingerbread is still found on 13.6% of Google phones.

Google released a developer version of its new Android L software earlier this summer, but has yet to confirm when it will be viable for a full release.

It is widely expected to tip up on the company’s new Nexus 6, rumoured for release at the end of the year.


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