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  5. Google ups number of required apps for Android

Google ups number of required apps for Android

Google ups number of required apps for Android

Google is looking to wrest back more control of its Android operating system, with a newly leaked, confidential document outlining the search giant's plans to raise the number of required apps on an Android device to 20.

Currently, Google only requires manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and LG, to include nine of its apps out of the box. That includes the likes of Gmail, Maps, YouTube and the Play Store.

The move is widely being seen as the latest gambit in Google’s fight to impose its will on its licensees, who have spent years tweaking its operating system and moving away from the basic version of the platform.

As well as new app requirements, Google is also said to be asking for each of its new add–ons to be given a prominent space on the homescreen and placed in a folder where users are more likely to see them.

It is also asking for its search tool to be given more space.

Google’s ongoing fight to regain control of Android has seen it launch its new Android One platform in India and unite with local manufacturers to build handsets.

This is aimed at preventing cheap Android devices from becoming outdated.

Google has previously faced down Samsung’s attempts to overly customise Android. Motorola has also recently confirmed its commitment to stock Android.


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