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  5. Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones are being broken by microphone problems

Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones are being broken by microphone problems

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Google has admitted that some of its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are suffering from a major issue with their on–board microphones, rendering the handsets unusable.

In a long thread on Google’s official support forum, Pixel and Pixel XL owners have vented their frustration about not being able to make calls or use Google Assistant because of the problem.

Google staffers have taken to the thread to explain that some Pixel handsets have a fault either with the main ‘phone’ microphone or the two other ambient mics.

They also say that the issue could be caused by a crack in the solder of the internal microphone component.

It’s not clear what has caused the issue, although it may be due to users dropping their phones onto hard surfaces.

Google has advised those affected to return their phones and get a replacement under warranty.

All Pixel and Pixel XL handsets are within their warranty period, having only been released at the end of 2016.

In a lengthy post on the Google support forum, Google expert Brian Rakowski had this advice for Pixel owners.

“If you purchased the phone from Google, contact support and describe your problem as a mic failure and explain the symptoms.

"Our support reps should be trained on this issue and should help you process a return.”



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