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Super Mario Run hits Android early


Nintendo has launched Super Mario Run for Android earlier than planned, with the sure–to–be–smash–hit title available for compatible smartphones on 22nd March.

The game was due to go live later today, 23rd March. But you can grab it right now if you’re desperate to give it a go.

The Android edition offers identical gameplay to the original iPhone and iPad version of Super Mario Run, which came out in December 2016.

However, Nintendo has added more playable characters and other tweaks and has dubbed this 'version 2.0' of the title. The changes are also available on Apple devices.

As with the iPhone version, Android-owners will get the initial levels of Super Mario Run free of charge, but will have to pay £7.99 to gain access to the entire game.

This caused major consternation among gamers last year, but it didn’t stop Nintendo racking up 40 million downloads in just four days, an App Store record.

You’ll need to have a device running Android 4.2 or higher to install Super Mario Run, so any Android device purchased in the past three years should be compatible.


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