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Android O beta programme starting ‘soon’ says Google


Google has confirmed that it will start offering a beta version of its Android O smartphone software ‘soon’.

In a post revealing that beta testing of last year’s Android Nougat was ‘complete’, Google said it wouldn’t be long until it updates those signed up to test its software about its plans for Android O.

Android O is already available in an early developer version. However, the new beta programme will allow regular users to lay their hands on Google’s new operating system months before it’s due to hit devices.

Once again, Google is training its focus on making Android use less power to keep battery life going for as long as possible. Android O will limit what apps can do in the background, a key factor in batteries dying within hours of being charged.

Elsewhere, Android O offers changes to notifications, grouping them so that phones no longer buzz and beep with every single Facebook message or email.

Google has also teamed up with Sony to boost Android’s wireless audio smarts, using the latter’s LDAC tech to deliver improved sound quality via Bluetooth headphones.

Google watchers believe that Android O beta will be available from mid–May, when the company is scheduled to release its next developer version of the OS.



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