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Google Trusted Contacts app lands on iOS


Google's Trusted Contacts app is now available for iPhone and iPad, eight months after it was released for the search giant's own Android smartphone operating system.

The app is designed to share your location with your closest contacts. That means your friends and family can see where you are even if your phone is off or out of battery.

Download Trusted Contacts for iOS here.

Conversely, you can also send your location to friends, whether it’s walking home late after a few drinks or from the train on your way into work.

On top of its release for iOS, Trusted Contacts now comes with a string of new features on Android.

These include the ability to control how quickly you share your location, even when you’re out of signal range. At the moment, it’s shared after five minutes by default, but that can now be tweaked to up to an hour.

Google claims this will be handy if you’re out walking in the countryside and get lost.

Previously, contacts could only be added by email, but now Trusted Contacts for Android lets you add people via their phone number as well.

Trusted Contacts is available to download now.



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