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  5. Google Pixel 2 will be unveiled 4th October

Google Pixel 2 will be unveiled 4th October


Google’s long–awaited Pixel 2 is set to be unveiled on 4th October, after the tech giant posted a short teaser video on YouTube.

The clip suggests the updated Pixel and Pixel XL, which is also likely to be revealed on the same date, will have a better camera, more storage and improved battery life compared with last year’s Google phones.

Google hasn’t given away any other details, but a slew of leaks have long pointed towards a pair of new phones, with the smaller, HTC–made device featuring squeeze controls similar to the Taiwanese mobile-maker’s U11.

LG is said to be manufacturing the larger, 6–inch Pixel XL 2 on Google's behalf.

The phones are also said to have a snappy new Qualcomm processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of on board storage. Both will run Android Oreo, Google’s recently released update for its operating system.

Expect to see plenty more rumours in the coming weeks, as well as talk of Google getting its new devices into consumers hands before Apple’s iPhone X hits shelves on 3rd November.

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