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Pay with Google service goes live


Pay with Google, the web giant’s new streamlined online payment tool, has gone live, five months after it was first detailed at its annual I/O developer event.

It means that you can now stump up for goods within apps or websites by simply pressing the ‘Pay with Google’ button.

It sends card details and personal information, including shipping and billing addresses, that you’ve already registered on services such as Android Pay, Google Play and YouTube to merchants to ensure a swift checkout. Payments are secured either via your device’s fingerprint scanner or a special security code.

Initially, Google has teamed up with 15 partners, including the likes of Instacart, Dice and Kayak. It’s promising to add Airbnb and Deliveroo to its roster soon, with developers able to add it to third party apps as well.

The service works across Android and iOS devices, as Google seem quite happy to offer its payment tool on Apple kit.



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