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Google fixes Pixel 2 audio distortion issue

Android 8.1 also comes with a number of other improvements.
Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL side by side hero image

Google has released a software update that fixes a long standing issue with distorted audio when playing back video on its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

The error was first noted in October and garnered plenty of complaints from users who had splashed out on Google’s top-of-the-range smartphones.

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The fix comes as part of Android Oreo 8.1, a major update for Google’s latest version of its operating system that's available to download for Pixel and Nexus handsets now.

The update brings a number of other changes, including the ability to permanently lock out a user who tries to unlock a device with an unauthorised fingerprint and the option to limit notification alerts.

There are also changes that allow developers to use machine learning in their apps, clearing the way for more advance Articial Intelligence (AI) applications landing in Google Play Store.

Android Oreo is only just starting to roll out to non–Pixel devices, with Samsung set to launch the platform on its Galaxy S range in the New Year.

HTC starting rolling out the software to its U11 smartphone last month.

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