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Google Pixel 3 image found in Android P software


An image found in Google’s recently released developer version of Android P has given the clearest indication yet of how the forthcoming Pixel 3 smartphone could look.

The placeholder pic appears as part of a description of how gesture controls will work on Google’s updated platform.

It shows a device with an edge–to–edge screen, no bezels and, importantly, no notch at the top.

The latter detail is telling, especially as Google has ensured that Android P supports notch designs.

A series of new Android phones, including the LG G7 ThinQ and Huawei P20 features notches at the top of their displays.

If Google does go within leaked design, it could put it well ahead of the competition.

The lack of any major bezel or anything else clogging up the screen could be seriously alluring for power users and those not sold on the look of Apple’s iPhone X.

Google is expected to launch three versions of its Pixel 3, with some rumours suggesting one will be a premium device aimed at taking on Apple’s flagship handset.

A release date is likely in late 2018.


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