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  5. Google could replace its Android OS in 5 years, says report

Google could replace its Android OS in 5 years, says report

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Google could soon replace Android with an overarching operating system that runs on all of its devices, not just smartphones and tablets, according to a report.

The operating system is called Project Fuschia, though this could well be an internal codename, so its eventual name could change. It’s said to work on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks (Google’s web-connected laptops that run Chrome OS), Chromecast streaming devices and smart speakers. That means it could replace Google’s Android and Chrome OS operating systems.

It's rumoured to land in just three years and, according to sources, could replace Android and Chrome OS entirely within five.

However, that roadmap has not been agreed by Google boss Sundar Pichai. He reportedly doesn’t want to upset the thousands of hardware and software partners who rely on Android and Chrome OS.

Google reportedly has over 100 engineers working on Project Fuschia. It would have a greater focus on AI, voice commands and frequent security updates (something which has plagued Android since launch).

Android is the world’s most popular operating system, currently powering more than three quarters of smartphones globally.

All Google will say about Project Fuchsia is: “Google views these open-source experiments as an investment in innovation.”



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