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  5. The Google Home app has been redesigned

The Google Home app has been redesigned

Can now control smart devices from afar.
Google Home app update 2018

Google announced the Home Hub last night, an Amazon Echo-esque smart speaker for the home that’s powered by Google Assistant. At the same time, it updated the Google Home app for iOS and Android, which is what you use to control Home Hub.

It’s now easier to control multiple smart home devices at the same time. It works with devices outside your own home too, as long as you have permission. So you can’t just turn up at a friend’s house and start messing about with their lights without them approving it first. Much as you might want to.

It can also show all your devices in one view and organise them by room. Which is a lot easier than remembering the product codes for each item.

Google Assistant can be accessed through the app, so you can manage all your smart home devices from there, rather than opening each app independently.

The updated app is available for Android and iOS now.

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