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  5. Google Pixel 3 screen flicker issues cannot be fixed

Google Pixel 3 screen flicker issues cannot be fixed

Google Pixel 3 XL AR sticker Ironman hero size

Google’s Pixel 3 continues to be plagued by problems, with owners of the recently released handset once again taking to tech forums to express their discontent with the cutting-edge Android phone.

Having suffered from issues with its memory, now some Pixel 3 owners have complained that the notch starts to flicker intermittently, with a bright white light appearing on and off at the top of the device.

While some believe turning off the phone’s ambient light feature can offer a brief fix, it now seems that Google has admitted that this is a hardware issue. It has begun issuing replacement handsets to those affected.

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that it was issuing a software update to fix a memory issue which prevented users from opening more than one app at a time.

This came after it was revealed that some Pixel 3 owners had spotted a second notch appearing on the side of their display.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL launch has not gone smoothly for Google and comes at a time when equally adept phones are gaining more attention, in particular Apple’s iPhone XR and the OnePlus 6T.



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