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Utrack Money Back Terms of Service

Utrack Money Back is a scheme operated by Uswitch Limited. Uswitch is working together with its partner Hildebrand Technology Limited (registered in England & Wales, company number: 05577050) to participate in the National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service. This service is designed to reward households that are able to reduce their electricity usage during peak hours on certain days, with the aim of helping balance electricity loads on the National Grid. More details about the Demand Flexibility Service are available on the National Grid’s website here.

Utrack users can choose to take part in all sessions that take place between 1st November 2023 and 31st March 2024, when the scheme is set to end. Users will be alerted before a session is due to take place. This scheme may be extended in line with any extension by the National Grid of the Demand Flexibility Service.

As well as opting in to the Utrack Money Back scheme, users will need to individually opt in to each session (a “Demand Session”) before they start too. During the Demand Sessions, customers are encouraged to reduce their electricity usage as much as possible, whilst still keeping safe. Tips on which appliances using the most electricity can be found in the Savings tab on Utrack.

Utrack users can earn money for every kWh of electricity they manage to reduce during each session, compared to their typical usage. The specific amount per kWh for a Demand Session will be communicated before you choose to opt in to a session. Your typical usage will be calculated using an industry standard methodology called BSC P376 (more details can be found here), using historic electricity smart meter readings from your property. 

There is no obligation to reduce your usage by a certain percentage, and if you end up using more than your typical usage during a Demand Session then there is no penalty.

How to participate

  • Users need to sign up to participate in Utrack Money Back from the initial pop-up or within the Money Back tab, and will need to ‘opt in’ to each individual Demand Session too. 

  • Users will be notified before a Demand Session is due to take place via both push and email (if push notifications have been enabled on your app) and encouraged to opt in. Such notice may arrive on the same day as the Demand Session. 

  • After a Demand Session has finished, your earnings will be calculated and you will be notified once these are ready to view. Generally this takes a few days to confirm.

  • Any money you earn through the Utrack Money Back scheme will be accumulated throughout the scheme and will be paid to you via bank transfer following conclusion of the scheme (with any bank transfer fees potentially deducted). We will communicate to users if we will offer the chance to withdraw earnings before the end of the scheme or if the scheme is extended, both offering further Demand Sessions and correspondingly pushing back the date of payment. We will request your bank details from you when payments are available to be made. We will not retain your bank details after payment. You must provide your bank details by 30th April 2024, otherwise we reserve the right to donate any earnings you have made to charity.

  • If you wish to opt out at any point, then you can do so from the link at the bottom of the Money Back tab.

To be eligible for the Utrack Money Back scheme: 

  • You need to be a registered user of the Utrack app;

  • You will need to make sure your electricity smart meter is connected to Utrack and is successfully providing meter readings for the duration of each Demand Session you opt in to;

  • If you have not opted to do so already, by participating in this scheme, you agree to provide meter readings on a half hourly basis;

  • You acknowledge Utrack will provide the necessary smart energy data to its partners to assess the outcome of each Demand Session;

  • You will need to make sure you don’t sign up to an equivalent demand flexibility scheme after signing up to Utrack Money Back, otherwise you will be automatically opted out of future Utrack Money Back Demand Sessions until you re-register with Utrack Money Back. This is because the National Grid ESO only lets users participate in one scheme at a time. You will need to have at least 60 days worth of historical smart meter data available for your typical baseline usage to be calculated, according to BSC P376; 

  • You need to have a valid UK bank account for us to pay any sums due to you under this scheme; and

  • You need to be living at the registered address of the electricity smart meter providing readings for the scheme.

The Uswitch privacy policy shall apply to any data collected in connection with this service.

By participating in the Utrack Money Back Service, Uswitch Limited via our partner and data processor Hildebrand Technology Limited will share your smart meter MPAN number,  half hourly electricity consumption, baseline and reduction data, with the National Grid in order to provide this scheme to you. National Grid may request for auditing purposes detailed half hourly data for a specific Demand Session, which may include your consumption data. By participating in the Utrack Money Back scheme, you agree to your information being used in this manner.

Uswitch Limited reserves the right to terminate, withdraw or amend the terms of the Utrack Money Back scheme, including (amongst other aspects) the payment/kWh of reduced usage and/or the eligibility criteria without prior notice. 

In the instance of a dispute, the decision of Uswitch Limited shall be final, and we reserve the right not to notify you of the final decision made regarding the dispute.

The following criteria could lead to you being removed from the Utrack Money Back scheme:

  • We discover you no longer reside at the registered address of your electricity smart meter;

  • We discover that your electricity smart meter is no longer providing half-hourly updated meter readings;

  • We discover your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is already registered by another member of your household (we will remove all apart from the original account holder from the scheme);

  • We discover your MPAN is already registered with a Demand Flexibility Service scheme (however provided to you); 

  • We discover that you have falsely provided information or have provided fraudulent information;

  • We discover that you have breached any of the rules of the Utrack Money Back scheme or terms of the Utrack app.

Uswitch Limited will not be held liable for any errors or omissions in it, or its partner’s decision making.

These Terms of Service govern Uswitch’s Utrack Money Back scheme. By signing up to the scheme you are agreeing to follow the terms set out in this document.

The scheme will be run by Uswitch Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 03612689 and registered office at The Cooperage, 5 Copper Row, London, SE1 2LH.  

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills then please take a look at our guide which explains what support is available:

These terms were last updated 23/10/2023.