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Utrack Money Back

Utrack Money Back header

Welcome to Utrack Money Back, Uswitch's new scheme where you can earn money for reducing your electricity usage during specific hours on specific days. 

Uswitch is part of the National Grid's Demand Flexibility Scheme that runs until the end of March to test whether energy customers can collectively help balance electricity loads on the grid.

If you have a working electricity smart meter, you can sign up - regardless of which provider you’re with. You can earn around £3 for every kWh of electricity you reduce your usage by. Each Demand Session could offer a different level of payment, but this will be communicated before you choose to opt in to a session. We’re passing on the full amount offered by the National Grid, so you could earn more with Utrack Money Back than with other equivalent schemes.

For more information about the scheme, please read through the FAQs and Terms of Service found below.


Terms of Service