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One in four young people would rather bank with Google

A quarter of 18-34 year olds believe that tech companies could offer better financial services than banks

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Banking 2 months ago

1 in 4 think Apple Pay will make their spending spiral

Research shows concern about Apple Pay increasing impulse spending, but security is the biggest fear

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Banking 3 months ago

2015 uSwitch Credit Card Awards

The retailers win credit card customers' hearts, minds and wallets, beating the big banks.

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Banking 4 months ago

Nationwide scraps spending limit charge and interest on some balance transfer spending

Typically credit card customers who spend over their agreed card limit are charged a fee, whilst spending on a balance transfer card accrues interest

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Banking 5 months ago

Barclays release Apple Watch banking app

Could banking finally be embracing new technology? Barclays announce first personal banking app available for Apple's new smart watch

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Banking 5 months ago

Not registering costs young Brits more than just their right to vote

Half of 18-34 year olds aren't on the electoral roll and many are unaware of how this is also damaging their finances

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Banking 5 months ago

Three in five families take on debt during maternity leave

With new rules around shared parental leave coming into effect on April 5th new research shows households take on debt to cope with the drop in income

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Banking 7 months ago

It’s My Report – Credit agencies respond

What we're doing to fight for free credit reports in 2015

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Banking 9 months ago

Basic fee-free bank accounts to be launched

The major banks have agreed with the Treasury to offer basic fee-free bank accounts

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Banking 10 months ago

Current accounts to be investigated

Regulator launches market investigation into current accounts and the 'big four' banks

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