What to do in a power cut

What to do in case of a power cut

Find out what you to do if your home no longer has access to electricity.

Have you experienced a power outage? Are you unsure what to do and who to call? Our guide will help you get your electricity supply connected as quickly as possible.

Power outages FAQ

Why do power cuts happen?

Power cuts, also known as power outages, blackouts or power failures, occur when an area is cut off from its electricity source. They can take place for a number of reasons, including network faults and damage caused by extreme weather.

What should you do in case of a power cut?

If you experience a power outage there are a couple of things you can do which may solve the problem right away.

First have a look at your fuse box to make sure one of your fuses hasn’t tripped. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue then have a look at your neighbour’s homes. Are their lights off as well? If so it’s likely to be a network related problem and you will have to contact your Local Distribution Company (LDC).

Who to call in case of a power cut?

Your electricity provider bills you for your electricity consumption, but it’s your LDC which manages the power lines that connect your home to the national grid.

If you experience a power cut, enter your postcode into the box below to find out which number you should call.

My energy supplier disconnected me, what should I do?

It is rare for gas and electricity providers to disconnect households from their energy supply, but it does happen. If your energy supplier is planning to cut you off, they are obliged to give you at least 28 days written notice following the receipt of your last bill. Following this, they will have to send you a written disconnection notice, seven days before disconnecting you.

Pensioners, people with health problems, disabilities or serious financial difficulties will find there are measures in place to protect them from being disconnected. You can find more information in our guide to energy debt.

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