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Florence Codjoe Image

Florence Codjoe

Content Editor - Mortgages, Finance and Car Insurance

About the Author

Florence writes and edits personal finance content for Uswitch, including mortgages, credit cards, current accounts, ISAs and various types of insurance.

Florence is also a car insurance spokesperson for Uswitch to help motorists drive safely on the roads year-round, and ensures they are properly protected in the event of anything going wrong at home, or abroad. She stays up to date with changes in the car insurance industry, especially complex regulatory updates, always advocating for the consumer.

She has been quoted in numerous publications including The Mirror, Express and Sky News.

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Interest Free Short Term Loans

An interest free loan, based on short term commitment can only really be taken out in the form of a credit card. If used correctly, it can be a useful way of borrowing money at no extra cost.

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Loans for young people

Loans for Young People - Different Type of Loans

Whether you need extra financing for your studies or for a trip abroad, getting a loan when you're younger can be difficult. Our guide explains ways to borrow loans for young people.

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Finding the best loans online

What Happens if I Can't Repay My Loan?

Taking out a loan is a big commitment, which can have a great impact on your finances and credit score. In this guide we explore, what happens if you don't pay your loan.

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Young woman on laptop

Early Repayment Charges and Repayment Penalties

What are early repayment charges and early repayment penalties and how do they affect which loan you choose? explains what to watch out for.

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Investments and tax

Investments and tax - Income tax brackets and tax rules

Both income and capital gains from investments may be subject to tax, but the tax rules can be complicated. Uswitch explains how tax affects investments.

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Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Corporate bond investment options and gilts explained

What are corporate bonds and gilts, should you be investing? Get the facts on corporate bonds and gilts from Uswitch.

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Make money with your credit cards

Stoozing - make money with your credit cards

Stoozing is a term for savvy use of credit cards to make money from interest rates, but how does it work?

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Low cost loans

Low cost loans

Find great low cost loans for you. Learn what to consider when choosing a low rate loan and how to apply.

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Student loans and finance - how to pay for a degree

Best savings account: find the best saving rates with Uswitch

Looking for the best savings account? Find out how to pick the best savings account and compare savings accounts to find the best one for you with Uswitch.

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Guide to how prepaid cards work?

How to Easily Switch your Current Account

Changing banks is quick and simple to do. Find out how to change your current account and switch from one bank to a new one. Get a better deal on your new current account bank account.

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Credit Cards With High Limits for Excellent Credit Scores

High limit credit cards, also known as premium credit cards, have a much higher credit limit than traditional cards, and some offer unlimited spending. So are high limit credit cards a good idea for you?

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Insuring your home with smart technology

Smart home gadgets are gaining popularity — from home assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo to smart thermostats and even light bulbs.

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