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How to claim your broadband vouchers

Broadband providers will often offer gift vouchers or reward cards with their deals as a little extra incentive to switch, and at key times throughout the year like Black Friday, they can be worth a lot of money. But sometimes it can be quite confusing as to who will send out your gift voucher, or when you’re meant to receive it. Here’s how to claim your broadband vouchers when you’ve switched via Uswitch.
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How to claim your broadband vouchers guide - man shopping

Note: Gift vouchers are never issued by Uswitch. If you haven't received yours after 120 days, contact your new provider or the reward card issuer e.g.

When will my vouchers be sent out?

Broadband vouchers are typically only sent once your broadband connection is turned on. This will tend to differ from provider to provider, as some have longer periods when new customers can cancel their order than others.

For the most part, your broadband account needs to be confirmed as being activated and can no longer be cancelled. Your new provider will then confirm with its chosen gift voucher company that your order is live and your vouchers can be issued.

This means it can sometimes take up to 120 days after your broadband has been installed before your vouchers will be sent out. To see how long you might have to wait, you should double-check the T&Cs of your voucher, which should be included in your original confirmation email.

When will I receive my Black Friday broadband vouchers?

Black Friday is one of the best times to switch broadband as many providers offer great vouchers and incentives to new customers. If you switched this Black Friday, you might have to wait around 1 to 2 months before you receive your vouchers. This depends on when you scheduled your switch to take place and how long your "cooling off" period is with your new provider (more on that later).

Unfortunately, this means you're not likely to get your broadband vouchers before Christmas, but you'll probably get them just in time for the January sales.

Why haven’t I received my broadband vouchers?

If you still haven’t received your vouchers after waiting the required number of days, there may have been a problem with your original purchase.

1. The transaction was interrupted

You usually need to complete your initial transaction in one session for the sale to be tracked correctly with the gift card issuer. If you started the transaction but navigated away from the page and returned later, the sale may not have been registered. 

In this case, you’ll need to check your confirmation email for any mention of your gift voucher. Unfortunately, if you started a new session when you switched, and there wasn’t a gift voucher landing page, you may not receive one. Contact your new provider to find out if your gift voucher was registered properly when you switched.

2. You had a VPN or ad blocker installed

If you were using a VPN or ad blocker software or had cookies disabled on your device, the sale may not have been properly tracked. Search through your emails to see if you can find any communications from one of the gift voucher providers mentioned below.

Who sends out broadband vouchers and gift cards?

Broadband vouchers are issued directly from the provider or via a gift voucher service. Gift vouchers and reward cards attached to specific broadband deals are never issued directly from Uswitch.

Pure Card - BT, Plusnet

BT and Plusnet currently use Pure Card to issue their reward cards. These will usually be a prepaid Mastercard that can be used just like regular debit or credit cards when shopping online.

Giftcloud - Vodafone, TalkTalk, Sky, Hyperoptic

Providers like Vodafone, TalkTalk, Sky, and Hyperoptic all currently use Giftcloud to issue their gift cards. And while prepaid Mastercards are also available, some providers offer larger amounts for specific retailers such as Amazon, M&S or Tesco.

Love2shop - Phone orders via Currys

If you placed an order for broadband over the phone rather than switching online, you may have been offered a Love2shop voucher. if this is the case you'll need to visit in order to activate and redeem your voucher.

Love2ship vouchers and e-Gift cards are typically valid for 12 months. There should be instructions included in your confirmation email with links and additional information. If not or you need further support, you can email

How to claim your broadband vouchers from each provider

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