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How to claim free vouchers from BT

BT regularly offers new customers free BT Reward cards, cashback or Marks & Spencer vouchers when they join as a broadband or TV customer through uSwitch.

So how do you claim them once you’ve signed up? Read on and we’ll walk you through the process for each type of voucher in our step-by-step guide.

How to claim your BT Reward Card

bt reward card

1) Sign up for BT broadband online through, making sure that the promotional offer of a BT Reward Card is ongoing.

2) Wait until BT has connected your home to the internet.

3) Sign in to your BT account at's dedicated page for claiming BT Reward Cards and submit your claim.

4) Wait for your BT Reward Card to arrive. BT pledges to post it within 30 days.

How to claim your cashback cheque

1) Sign up for BT broadband online through, making sure that the promotional offer of a cashback cheque is ongoing.

2) Wait until BT has installed your line and connected your service.

3) Visit Broadband Benefits and enter your details within 45 days.

4) After the claim date, the cheque will be sent in the post. It should be received within 45 days of the claim date.

How to claim free M&S / Marks & Spencer vouchers from BT

marks & spencer

1) Order BT broadband from uSwitch as a new customer, making certain that the bundle you’ve picked is included in the free Marks and Spencer giveaway and that you’re ordering within the offer period.

2 ) Wait for your service to be connected.

3) Visit BT’s M&S voucher claim page. You’ll find it here: Marks and Spencer voucher claims. To make your claim you’ll need your AJM number. This can be found at BT’s order tracking page here: BT order tracker. You’ll need to cite uSwitch when asked.

4) Your Marks and Spencer voucher will be posted out within 30 days of your claim. If your switch to BT was prompted by a home move, your voucher will be sent to your new address.

How to claim your choice of Costa, John Lewis, M&S or Boots vouchers

costa coffee

1) Sign up for a BT broadband deal or broadband and TV deal through, checking that the voucher offer is ongoing.

2) Once your service is installed, head to BT's voucher claim page.

3) Submit your claim. To do this, you'll need what BT calls a VOL Reference. You'll find this on the bill contained in an email BT will have sent you. The reference starts with: 'VOL01'.

4) Wait for your voucher to arrive. BT pledges to deliver within 45 days of receiving your claim.

How to claim free Love2Shop vouchers from BT

love2shop voucher

1) Order BT broadband, making sure that the bundle you're signing up for is included in the Love2Shop promotion and that the offer is ongoing when you order it.

2) Wait until your service is connected.

3) Fill in a claim form here: BT Love2Shop vouchers claim form. To complete the form, you'll need your e-mail address and your BT order number. This is the sequence of 11 characters that starts with 'VOL012'. You'll find it on BT's order tracking page. It's also vital that you cite uSwitch on the form to qualify for the promotion.

4) BT will send out the voucher within 30 days of your claim being made.

There's a problem with my claim. What can I do?

With most BT voucher offers, you should get your voucher within 30 days of submitting your claim. With some offers, however, such as the multiple rewards promotion (includes Costa, John Lewis, M&S or Boots), a 45-day cut-off point applies.

If you haven't received your voucher, you've got the wrong value voucher, or there's any other problem with your claim, you can get in touch with BT here.