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Who are the most common complainers online?

If 2020 had a name, it would probably be Karen. Synonymous with putting in a complaint or asking to speak to the manager out of inconvenience, being called a Karen is one of the most popular put-downs of the year. But when it comes to keyboard warriors and complainers, how much time is spent complaining online and are Karens the biggest culprit?

To find out who the most common complainers are we took to TripAdvisor to find the most frequent complainer names across the worlds most popular tourist destinations.

Kims are more likely to complain than a Karen

Complaining is expressing dissatisfaction and when it came down to the Trip Advisor reviews for the worlds most popular attractions the ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’’ were a little more than dissatisfied! 

Just beating Karen to the finishing line, Kim came in first place for the female names most likely to leave a negative review. With 8 complaints from Kim within our research, the name was closely followed by Karen with 7.  Showing that although Karen is the assumed Queen complainer it is actually Kim who takes the title. 

With a solid 6 across Susan, Sue, Sarah, Julie, Emily, Claudia and Anna a single name cannot be singled out, but what is apparent is the vastly lower amount of negative reviews from women. Proving that not only is the Karen assumption wrong, but that maybe we should be looking for the male equivalent.

Pauls lead the keyboard warriors

Male names leave more complaints across the board with Paul in the top spot. Our data revealed 14 complaints in the tourist landmarks under the name Paul alone, which compared to the hundreds of names that came up in the data to hit double figures makes men named Paul our biggest complainer. 

402 hours spent writing negative reviews on the Eiffel Tower 


Even with the names of the most common complainers, it is easy to see just how much time and energy people put into writing negative online reviews. According to Reviewtracker.com consumers are 21% more likely to leave a review after a negative experience than a positive one, and when it came to the world's most popular tourist attractions this was no different. 

People spent 402 hours writing about their bad experiences at the Eiffel Tower, equating to 17.5 days worth of negativity just on one very iconic attraction. Although no other attraction came close to this, Rome’s historic Colosseum racked up an impressive 41 hours or 1.7 days of negative review writing online with London’s Big Ben taking up 33 hours or 1.3 days of time.

Whether you are a Kim, a Karen or a Paul, with so much time spent online complaining, you need to make sure that you have broadband that can cope with your keyboard warrior typing speed. Before you complain to your provider why not check out our broadband availability guide and make sure you are getting the best broadband available to you with Uswitch on side and compare broadband deals.


To find out the names of the most common complainer, first, we gathered a list of the world's biggest tourist attractions, using their Trip Advisor pages to filter for ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ reviews. We then collected the names of the people who wrote these reviews for the first 50 pages, focusing on those who wrote their reviews in English. 

In order to find out how much time was spent negatively reviewing the attractions we found out the average word count of the poor and terrible attraction reviews and divided this by the average number of words typed per minute. 

Lucy MoffatContent Marketing Exective - Aug 21st 2020