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Lucy Elizabeth Moffat author image

Lucy Elizabeth Moffat

Senior Content Marketing Executive - Telecoms

About the Author

Lucy is a Senior Content Marketing Executive at Uswitch.

Often working behind the scenes, Lucy helps create broadband and mobiles guides, studies and tools - from legacy gaming consoles to bias in predictive text algorithms.

She thinks content is best when it answers all the questions you've always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask! She loves interactive tools, data visuals and imagery to make a story to come to life.


  • BA (Hons) - Robert Gordon University

Articles written by Lucy

Remote working index

We've created the Remote Working Index 2020 which combines a number of factors, including average property prices, amount of green space, crime rates, and average broadband speeds, to create a ranking of over 100 towns and cities across that UK that offer idyllic working from home conditions.

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Data Breach Report - the world's biggest data breaches

The Uswitch Data Breach Report highlights the largest data breaches, most commonly stolen data, and the most affected companies from an increase in cyberattacks.

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Revealed: The World’s Best Virtual School Trips

From art to history, here are the most educational virtual tours to take when you can’t go outdoors.

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Most common complainers

When it comes to keyboard warriors and complainers, how much time is spent complaining online and are Karens the biggest culprit?

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