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Revealed: Ofcom's most complained-about broadband providers

We take a look at the latest rankings that show the least (and most) complained about broadband providers.
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woman looking annoyed at her laptop complaining about her broadband provider

The UK’s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has announced the latest complaints rankings for broadband providers.

Looking at the period of January-March 2022, the report looks at complaints made against broadband and pay-TV services — highlighting which providers performed the best and worst in that period.

If you’re looking to switch to a new broadband, TV or mobile provider, these rankings from Ofcom provide a clear view of which brands are currently more in favour with customers than others.

Take a look at the latest data to see where your current provider sits, and find out which ones seem to offer a smoother customer experience.

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Broadband complaints increased in early 2022

The first part of 2022 saw Ofcom complaints about broadband increase slightly. However, despite all the announcements of price increases that providers sent out in this time, complaints about billing, pricing and charges remained relatively the same (14%).

Instead, the biggest cause for complaint was still issues like faults, service and provisioning (37%) and complaints handling (31%). We may see an increase of complaints about billing and pricing in the next report, which covers the time that customers’ prices did increase.

ofcom rankings of broadband provider complaints in july 2022

EE, Sky and BT had the least complaints

As has been the case for well over a year, BT, Sky and EE performed the best in the complaints rankings for broadband.

Once again receiving well below the average number of complaints for the industry (which was 10 per 100,000 customers), they have consistently proven to cause their customers fewer reasons to complain than other providers.

EE received three complaints per 100,000 customers, Sky received four, and BT received seven. One other provider — NOW Broadband — had fewer complaints than the industry average at eight.

Shell Energy and Virgin Media had the most complaints

Complaints increased quite significantly for the worst-performers in Ofcom’s rankings. Shell Energy remained the most complained-about provider, with 22 complaints per 100,000 customers. That’s an increase of seven compared to its previous score of 15.

Virgin Media returned to the lower-end of the ranking in this quarter, surpassing TalkTalk and Vodafone with complaints rising from 13 to 18 since the end of 2021.

Plusnet, Vodafone and TalkTalk also received higher than average complaints for the period, with 11, 13 and 14 complaints per 100,000 customers respectively.

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Pay-TV complaints also slightly increased

Pay-TV companies also saw a higher number of complaints between January and March of 2022. But rather than faults and connection issues (which are relatively less common with TV services), the main cause was complaints handling at 44%.

Interestingly, complaints about billing, pricing and changes fell by 9% since the last report, accounting for just 19% of complaints. Faults received even fewer, at just 15%. Again, we might expect a higher proportion of complaints about billing in the next report, which looks at when customers’ prices actually increased.

ofcom pay-tv complaints rankings july 2022

Sky gets the least pay-TV complaints, Virgin Media the most

Sky and TalkTalk received fewer than the average number of complaints in the industry for the first quarter of 2022. TalkTalk received just three per 100,000, and Sky received just one.

BT just edged over the industry average at five complaints per 100,000, but Virgin Media received ten — the highest number by a large margin.

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