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The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

From scorching heatwaves to thunderstorms, we’ve had some pretty unpredictable weather in the UK recently, which can have a huge impact when we’re driving on the roads.

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The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To GoogleThe Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

With uncertainty around international travel this summer, many plucky Brits will be hitting the roads for UK staycations this year, come rain or shine.

There have been a staggering 104,880 Google searches for UK road trips between January and March this year.  With so many of us keen to hit the open road, we wanted to find out which UK destinations we’re longing to drive to, whilst hopefully enjoying the ride along the way.

We analysed an extensive list of UK cities, coastal, and countryside holiday destinations, to discover which are being googled the most in relation to road trips. We then compared the number of searches from June and July 2020 with January and March 2021, highlighting which locations have seen the biggest spikes, and where in the UK we’ll be likely to head this year.

Leeds proves to be the most-googled road trip destination in the last two months. It featured in over 7,000 monthly searches and had a whopping 654% increase when compared to the same time last year. 

Close behind, Manchester and Glasgow have also seen a staggering increase in search volume, which is no surprise considering they are home to some of the UK’s most beautiful landmarks.

Beyond the major cities, countryside locations such as the Highlands of Scotland saw a 292% increase, while the Lake District, famous for its stunning peaks and traditional country pubs had a 162% year on year increase in searches. 

Although you can never guarantee sunshine in the UK, it seems most of us are still keen to pop on our swimsuits and head to the beach this year. Cornwall, the iconic coastal county renowned for its sea life and clear waters had a 232% increase in searches, followed by Bournemouth with a 167% increase.  

If you’re venturing out on a road trip, or you’re driving to your staycation destination, planning in advance is important.

Uswitch car insurance expert, Joel Kempson, says:

“Before you set off, make sure you’re prepared by checking your tyres, water, and engine oil levels. Be mindful not to overload your car and ensure the weight is distributed evenly where possible. If you’re on a long drive, find a safe place to stop and rest at least every two hours. Lastly, don’t forget your driving snacks

It’s also a good idea to check your car insurance and your MOT is checked before heading out on a long journey.