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pyramid of foods for road trip snacks
Florence CodjoeEditor - Aug 13th 2020

The Ultimate Road Trip Snacks 

There are many elements that make a long car journey more endurable and enjoyable. The right playlist and company, decent service stations to stop off at, but at the heart of all the best car trips sit the snacks. 

The right blend of car snacks can make or break a trip, and with 52% of Brits opting for a UK holiday this year and averaging 310 miles per trip, there’s never been a more important time to ace those snack choices.  

So which snacks are god tier worthy and which should never be consumed on the move? View our hotly debated choices below and share your thoughts with us via social. 

A breakdown of the top journey snacks - ranked from gold tier, top tier, mid tier to lower tier

The God-Tier 

The god-tier, the snacks that see your heart skip a beat when your friend pulls them out from their bag, the snacks that make a pile up on the M6 just about bearable. 

Werther’s Original, Wine Gums and Starburst are the ultimate road trip snacks. Crowd pleasers, individually wrapped and can be left for weeks on end in your glove box – what more could you want? 

Scotch eggs – easily eaten with one hand (the epitome of a driving snack), multiple flavours to choose from and accessible at almost all service stations. 

The Top-Tier 

Top-tier options, the snacks just short of perfection. 

Share bags and grab bags, we love them all. Whether it’s crisps or chocolate, we don’t care, as long as there’s a bag big enough for us to stuff our left hand into. 

Not the most practical, but oh so delicious, carrot sticks and hummus serve as our slight nod to ‘health’ on those long road trips.  

Boiled eggs (don’t @ us!) possibly the most controversial snack, but we stand by our choice. Boil at home, or pick up on the road, perhaps best for those solo car journeys.

The Mid-tier

The mid-tier, or perhaps better known as the dependable tier, whilst the snacks in this section might not fill you with excitement, they’ll never let you down. Starting with the sweets, Mentos, Fruitella and Liquorice Allsorts, great for a group trip due to their shareability. Then we have Oreos, the chocolate biscuit that won’t melt the moment the temperature tops 20 degrees. 

And a moment for sausage rolls and pasties, which would both appear higher in our ranking if it wasn’t for those pesky flakes and crumbs! 

The Lower tier

The lower-tier – to be honest, the less said the better… 

Flipz chocolate pretzels a great idea, until you dip your hand in after 20 minutes and all the chocolate has melted off. Same goes for Skittles - a long journey, with even the slightest hint of sunshine, and the rainbow has melted and they’re all stuck together. 

Chopped fruit might seem like a good idea, but the reality is dried out, brown fruit, with a sticky juice that you just know will end up on the seat or floor. 

Have you ever tried to open a Pepperami whilst driving? If you have, chances are you’ll understand our ranking choice.  

Florence Codjoe, car insurance expert at, said:

“With summer 2020 officially all about the Staycation, we wanted to pull together THE definitive ranking for car snack choices. Whether you love or loathe our list, it’s clear everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to the perfect road trip snack. 

“Whilst it’s not illegal to eat behind the wheel, it’s important to remember to stay safe whilst driving and eating. Penalties could be issued if you are found to be driving without due care and attention, so consider pulling over to devour that scotch egg.”

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