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10 ways to save money on your bills with Uswitch

There are many ways Uswitch can help you save money on all of your household bills — here's 10 of our best

When you ask most people what they think of when they hear the name 'Uswitch', the answer is usually 'switching gas and electricity'.

It's no wonder really - more than 2 million people have switched and saved money on their energy bills with Uswitch since 2000.

But Uswitch offers price comparison services on so much more, including home insurance, car insurance, broadband, digital TV, credit cards and more!

With Uswitch, life keeps switching for the better.

1. Save on your car insurance renewal

When it's time to renew your policy, it's all too easy just to stick with the same company. However, you run the risk of paying more than you need to. When it's time to renew your car insurance, compare quotes with Uswitch's car insurance comparison tool.

2. Save up to £77 on your home insurance renewal

Much like car insurance, home insurance is something we all know we need but don't like thinking about. Why not do a home insurance comparison with Uswitch, where we monitor more than 70 leading home insurance providers. Not to mention, 50% of recent Uswitch home insurance customers saved up to £77!

3. Find your perfect credit card

There are hundreds of credit cards out there, and it's difficult to know which one is best for you — but Uswitch makes its quick and easy. Browse our best buy tables or compare different types of card like balance transfer credit cards , cashback credit cards and 0% purchase cards

4. Bundle your home phone, TV and broadband to save £604

Combine your home phone, digital TV and broadband into a bundle from a single supplier and you could save as much as £604. Many people find it more convenient too, since there's only one account and one monthly bill to deal with!

5. Get a cheaper landline

If you don't need or want to bundle your home phone, broadband and digital TV, you can still save with a cheaper landline. There used to be only one choice for line rental, but this is no longer the case and there are some very competitive deals out there, whether you want to switch or have a whole new landline installed.

6. Cut your mobile phone bills down to size

With Uswitch you can compare over 800,000 different mobile phone deals. With that many on offer there's something for everyone, whether you want a contract phone, pay as you go or SIM only. It's easy to narrow down all the options and find the right phone and tariff with our easy-to-use comparison tool.

7. Swap your current account and save up £60

Many people are wary about switching their current account; in fact, we're more likely to get divorced than break up with our bank. However, bank accounts are much easier to change thanks to the new 7-day Switch Guarantee. The new rules also mean that banks will be competing for your custom, so you could get cashback and other incentives for making the switch.

8. Get advice on energy efficiency

We can do more to help you cut your gas and electricity bills than just switching your energy. We've also got lots of information on how you can use less gas and electricity to be more energy efficient.

9. Save money on repairs with boiler cover

Don't get caught out this winter with a broken down boiler. Gas boiler insurance provides the peace of mind of having your boiler and central heating system checked regularly and fixed promptly. And it starts at only £4.95 a month! Comparing boiler cover is easy with Uswitch.

10. Remortage for a better rate

Mortgages may feel like a long-term commitment, but you don't have to be tied down if you're not happy with how much you're paying. Compare mortgage providers online or speak to someone direct to see if you can get a better rate on your monthly repayments.

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