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Compare business and commercial electricity

Compare business and commercial electricity

Looking for cheap business electricity? Save time, save money and save energy with UswitchforBusiness.

Our straightforward service helps you save time, money and effort on your business energy prices. Find out how to reduce your bills with UswitchforBusiness energy. Compare business energy quotes today and discover how to reduce your commercial energy bills.

Running a business requires a vast amount of time and dedication.

With so many decisions to be made, the prospect of looking for a better deal on your commercial electricity can be daunting.

Uswitch business energy takes the hard work out of finding the right supplier for your commercial electricity needs with a fast and reliable switching service. See how much you could save on business energy. Compare business energy prices per kWh.

Business electricity explained

Most businesses consume quite a bit of electricity. As a result, it is often possible to negotiate with suppliers to get a much better price.

However, finding the right deal for your commercial electricity needs can take time and expertise, so most businesses — large and small — use an agent specialising in energy negotiation.

UswitchforBusiness provides expert advice and assistance to find the right solution for all your business electricity needs.

comparing business electricity

Switch your business electricity supplier with Uswitch

Our business energy team provides a comprehensive, accurate and informative comparison of suppliers based on your business's requirements. Once we have found you the best supplier we can ensure you have a smooth transition.

Simply call us on 0800 188 4930 or request a call back and tell us about your business's energy requirements and we'll do the rest of the work — getting back to you with quotes from the most suitable energy suppliers.

How to compare business and commercial electricity rates

Comparing business and commercial electricity rates isn't quite the same as comparing residential electricity.

For example, with residential electricity you can simply go to Uswitch, enter your postcode and compare quotes from a range of suppliers available in your area.

With commercial electricity you just can't do that. Each business has bespoke requirements and suppliers have their own set of terms and conditions for each type of business they work with and for each region.

In order to compare business and commercial electricity rates you would need to call up each supplier and let them know about your business energy requirements and take quotes from each one.

This is why you may want to use an energy broker to help you find and switch your commercial electricity. UswitchforBusiness is an energy broker utilising years of experience switching gas and electricity specifically for businesses. Read the guide to Compare business energy brokers.

Your business can benefit from this deep understanding of the industry through years of relationship building with the suppliers providing the electricity and the customers who need it.

business electricity comparison

What are commercial electricity rates based on?

The price you are quoted from commercial electricity suppliers can be based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Electricity usage and business size
  • If you're a small company, then you may not use a lot of energy. Commercial electricity suppliers will also want to know how often you use your energy, at what times and what periods of the year you're likely to be using it the most. If you’re a large business read this guide to find out more about your electricity supply options. Compare large business energy plans.

  • How many locations you have
  • Do you run your business from just one location? If not, you may need to consider to install a multi-site meter for your business. A multi-site meter can help save time and money by putting all of your locations on the same electricity tariff.

  • Business credit score
  • Your company's credit score is key to giving you access to the best possible deals. Business electricity suppliers are far less likely to give you a cheap quote if you have a history of bad credit or have missed debt repayments in the past.

  • Your contract length
  • Longer contracts with business electricity suppliers tend to offer better savings. If you decide to get a fixed rate plan for a couple of years and you anticipate that electricity prices will rise, you will probably save your company some money. However, it's important to put your business's needs first. For example, if your business requires the flexibility to switch energy tariffs in the future — you’re planning to move office locations, for example — then a long term contract may not be the best option for you.

  • Your dual fuel options
  • Does your business also require a new gas supplier? Consider asking prospective commercial electricity suppliers if they can provide your business with gas as well as electricity. They might offer you a discount for taking out both options with them. Be sure to compare the market though. You may find it cheaper to get your electricity and gas through separate business energy suppliers.

  • The wholesale market
  • Commercial electricity prices are impacted by the daily activities on the global wholesale market. Natural disasters, weather changes, global energy demands and conflicts can all cause prices on the wholesale market to fluctuate. Business electricity providers will almost always pass any price rises on the wholesale market over to their customers.

  • Installation costs
  • Are you downgrading or upgrading your energy needs? Do you need a new meter installed? You'll need to find out what the business electricity supplier charges for any extra work involved in the switch. More importantly, you'll want to find out what commitments they demand of you for doing any installation work for 'free'. For example, you may be forced to commit to a longer contract or to pay for a meter to be removed if they carry out the work for free. In most cases, similar to residential energy, the suppliers simply do the switch without any extra work.

  • The location of your business
  • Commercial electricity rates fluctuate across the country and vary according to each region. If your business location is flexible then you may want to consider how your commercial electricity quotes are impacted if you’re based elsewhere.

Call UswitchforBusiness on 0800 188 4930 or request a call back for help taking the hassle out of comparing commercial electricity rates. If your business energy contract is not in its renewal window (i.e. you're not allowed to switch supplier) you can opt to have the situation monitored for you and call you back when it's the right time to switch.

And, after you've switched your business electricity, get reminders each time your contract is about to end so we can help you through the process again.

*Based on energy contracts arranged from 01 Jan 2018 to 30 Jun 2018 by UswitchforBusiness, when compared to prices or renewal quotes from existing suppliers.

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