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Helping friends and family to switch energy suppliers

Helping friends and family to switch energy suppliers

According to uSwitch research, only 38% of households in the UK have changed energy supplier. This means 62% of Brits are missing out on huge savings.

Help someone compare their energy bills and save up to £477!

Switching supplier is quick, easy and free. You might know this, but you may also have friends or family who don’t, or simply aren’t confident going through the process. Why not do them a favour and sit down with them to help them switch energy supplier?

Would you rather switch over the phone? No problem, make sure you are with the friend or family member you are assisting and give us a call, for free, on 0800 014 2899.

Social tariffs and benefits

While all energy suppliers will offer you roughly the same gas and electricity there are some differences besides the name alone.

Not all suppliers offer the same discounts, some have limited availability and many will require you to reapply for benefits. You can find more information on our dedicated Winter Fuel Payment and Warm Home Discount pages.

If you are switching for someone who currently receives an energy benefit or discount, we would recommend that you get in touch with their current supplier to make sure they are on the best deal available, rather than simply switch through uSwitch.

Helping someone switch FAQ

What do I need to switch someone else’s energy supplier?

The most important thing to do is to make sure your relative or friend understands and agrees with the switch. There will be no hidden costs, no cables or pipes needing to be changed, but they could be billed by a new supplier and payment methods or payment due dates could change.

The next thing you need is their postcode and, if possible, a copy of a recent gas and electricity bill. uSwitch can estimate energy usage based on location and the number of people living in a home, but a bill enables a more accurate comparison.

Just find the person's energy usage by looking for the a figure in kWh on their bill. Be sure to make sure you run a comparison using the right time period; if it's a quarterly bill you will have to specify this for example.

Running a comparison using consumption in kWh is the best way to get an accurate quote, but don't worry, we can still run a comparison using spend in £'s, or, if you don't have their bill just answer our questions for an estimate.

Pop the postcode in the green box to get started – the comparison process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Alternatively you can call us to switch energy supplier for free on 0800 014 2899 (some plans are only available online).

Help someone compare their energy bills and save up to £477!

Once you complete your switch we send your details through to your chosen new supplier. They in turn process the switch and contact the old supplier, notifying them of the change. The whole process takes about 17 days to complete (as of Jan 2015).

The only other thing you need to do is make sure you friends or family submit a final meter reading to their old and new supplier. This will ensure their final closing bill is accurate, and ensure their new bills are as accurate as possible too, rather than estimated.

Will switching mean a power cut?

No it will not. This energy switching myth is unfounded. The same gas and electricity will flow through the same pipes and wires already in place.

When you switch energy you can rest assured that you won’t suffer a gas and electricity outage – the only change you’ll notice will be the size of the bill!

Switching video

Can I trust uSwitch?

uSwitch is accredited by Ofgem’s Confidence Code, which means we provide a reliable, trustworthy and simple comparison and switching service for consumers.

Which energy supplier offers the cheapest gas and electricity deals?

Prices vary depending on where you live and how much gas and electricity you use, so switch energy based on the results at the end of the price comparison.

There's no such thing as the 'cheapest energy supplier' as prices vary depending on where you live, how much energy you consume, and when you take up a deal. The only way to know which supplier is cheapest for you is to run a comparison on our site with your latest details.

Should we switch energy to one of the big six or an independent energy supplier?

That’s completely up the person you are helping to switch. Just remember that small suppliers do offer a valid alternative to the big six and people shouldn’t be put off switching to an independent because they haven’t heard of them.

In fact the smaller suppliers like Co-Operative Energy and First Utility regularly feature in our Best Buy tables and come towards the top of many people's energy comparison. If you're unsure about a smaller supplier you can click on the logo and read more about them on our suppliers page. Unfortunately we don't have customer satisfaction scores for the smaller suppliers as we didn't receive a sufficient number of responses in our annual satisfaction survey.

But do note that if the person you are switching for relies on the Warm Home Discount, suppliers with fewer than 250,000 customers do not have to offer it. Also, some suppliers require that you reapply for the Warm Home Discount if you switch. You can find out more about small suppliers here.

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