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What happens after I switch energy with Uswitch?

What happens after I switch energy with Uswitch?

Congrats on joining millions of savvy savers by switching to a better energy deal — here's what happens now

Whether it's your first or 15th time switching energy suppliers, you may be unsure what to expect next. That's alright, we've rounded up everything you need to know to make the most of your energy switch.

Create/activate your Uswitch account

If you haven't yet, make sure to set up your Uswitch account — or, if you did create one after switching, don't forget to activate it by clicking the link we sent to your email.

With a Uswitch account, you can track your switch's progress, and your details will saved to make your next switch even easier and faster.

You DON'T need to contact your old supplier

Once you've confirmed your switch with Uswitch, we notify your new supplier. They notify your old supplier and arrange a supply switchover date. This date will be sent to you in your new supplier's welcome pack, which will also include all the tariff info for your records.

Your switchover will happen in about three weeks

This varies by supplier, but it should take 17 days or so for your two suppliers to arrange the switchover.

This is all done remotely, and there are no physical pipe changes, meter changes or home visits required.

You DO need to take a meter reading

On the day of your supply switchover, make sure to take a meter reading and submit it to your new supplier.

This will be shared with your old supplier, who will send a final bill or credit your bank account accordingly.

You may wish to cancel any direct debits to your old supplier to be safe as well.

Change your mind? You have two weeks to let the supplier know

If you change your mind about your energy switch for any reason, you have 14 days to notify your new supplier to cancel the switch. You must contact the supplier - unfortunately, Uswitch cannot cancel your switch for you.

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