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EBICO energy

EBICO is a not-for-profit energy supplier, founded in 1998 and aiming to use their status as a national company to further their ethical goals.

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2018 supplier rating EBICO

ebico supplier rating

EBICO earned four-and-a-half stars out of five in the 2018 independent survey of more than 17,000 energy customers in the UK. The survey, which was run by YouGov on behalf of uSwitch, prompted households to rate their current energy supplier in categories such as value for money, customer service and more.

About energy supplier EBICO

EBICO specifically offers gas and electricity plans tailored to fuel vulnerable customers, many of whom are on prepayment meters.

Based in Oxfordshire, the small energy supplier supplies more than 60,000 households in the UK.

EBICO's supply parners are SSE and Robin Hood Energy.

Customer satisfaction

Ebico had less than 150 responses in our independent YouGov survey, so we can’t show a customer service rating. This is not necessarily an indication of poor performance.

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