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Ebico energy

Ebico is UK's only not-for-profit energy supplier, founded in 1998. They aim to use their status as a national company to further their ethical goals.

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Ebico offers the only gas and electricity tariffs in the UK where each unit costs the same, no matter how much the customer uses (i.e., there are no discounts for above-average energy users).

Customer satisfaction

Ebico had less than 150 responses in our independent YouGov survey, so we can’t show a customer service rating. This is not necessarily an indication of poor performance.

Why we like Ebico

Ebico may be one of the smallest energy suppliers in the UK, but it is also the only not-for-profit gas and electricity suppliers with a strong social and environmental goal.

Ebico keeps its pricing as straightforward as possible. That means a standing charge of zero, and one flat rate for all customers. There are also no cancellation fees.

For instance, some suppliers may charge prepayment meter customers more, and charge less for those who pay by direct debit. With Ebico, all customers pay the same rate.

This can make Ebico a good proposition for prepayment meter customers, although you should always compare them against other suppliers.

Ebico doesn't generate its own electricity, but rather works with 'Big six' supplier SSE as its supply partner.

Consequently, the energy you receive when you choose Ebico will come from one from the SSE group depending on where you live: Southern Electric, Swalec, SSE or Scottish Hydro. Your bills will therefore show both the Ebico and the SSE group logo.

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