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Lumo Energy - the app-only supplier

Lumo is a brand-new, app-only energy supplier that aims to provide every household with a smart meter within six months of their switch

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About Lumo Energy

From tracking your usage, to accessing your bills and reviewing your balance, Lumo Energy provides a hassle-free way to manage your account entirely via their easy-to-use app.

Lumo customers can say goodbye to meter readings. Lumo aim to fit a smart meter into the homes of each customer within six months of their supply start date (subject to availability in your area). This smart meter is customers’ key to hassle-free energy management and more accurate bills.

Not to mention, Lumo dual fuel plans are powered by renewable energy. The supplier’s fuel mix boasts 64% from renewables, more than double the UK average.

Supplier rating

As a new entrant to the energy market, Lumo was not included in our most recent independent YouGov survey so we don't have a customer satisfaction rating for this supplier.

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