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npower 2019 customer rating

npower was rated three stars out of five by customers in the 2019 survey of UK households. The big six supplier earned its rating based on marks for smart meter installation and billing services.

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About npower

npower, originally established as National Power in 1990 following the privatisation of the state-owned Central Electricity Generating Board, is now owned by the RWE Group which incorporates Germany’s leading gas and electricity companies.

npower supplies gas and electricity to around 6.5 million customers, making it the third largest energy supplier in the UK. The big six supplier also offers boiler services, including boiler repair and replacement.

npower energy prices and tariffs

npower is one of the big six energy suppliers in the UK, meaning that it always has a range of tariffs designed to appeal to as many customers as possible.

All npower energy tariffs currently available through uSwitch can be seen in the table below.

Supplier Plan name Tariff type Price
npower Exclusive Fix February 2021 Fixed until 28 Feb 2021 £1127 Compare now
npower Go Green Energy Fix September 2021 Fixed until 30 Sep 2021 £1157 Compare now
npower Price Fix January 2021 Fixed until 31 Jan 2021 £1134 Compare now
npower Price Fix September 2021 Fixed until 30 Sep 2021 £1158 Compare now
npower Standard SC Fixed until 30 Nov 2019 £1178 Compare now

This information is updated hourly with npower energy plans which are available to switch to through uSwitch. To appear in this table, plans must be available in at least 7 of the 14 regions.

npower Select

In March 2019 npower launched npower Select, a new version of its service operating under the RWE Group banner aimed at customers who want to solely manage their energy online. It provides a range of app and online-only energy tariffs for customers regardless of their meter type.

npower energy price changes 2019

In August 2019, npower announced a price drop for standard variable tariff customers of 6% in line with the newly-revised Ofgem price cap

. Prices were lowered by £75, meaning that customers on these tariffs now pay an average of £1,179 per year from October 2019.

This followed a price rise from npower in February 2019 for around 1 million of its standard variable customers. The supplier increased rates by 10% to the new energy price cap level of £1,254.

In May 2018, npower announced a price rise of 5.3% on average for dual fuel customers on its standard variable rate tariff. The increase meant a hike of £64 per year on average for around 1 million of its customers.

Read more about npower's price change history.

The table below shows which of the big six energy suppliers, including npower, last raised or dropped their prices, by how much and when:

Supplier Price change 1 Date effective Price change 2 Date effective

EDF Energy

+10% 1 Apr 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019


+10% 1 Apr 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019

British Gas

+10% 1 Apr 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019


+10% 1 Apr 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019


+10% 1 April 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019


+10% 1 April 2019 -6% 1 Oct 2019

Based on a medium energy user on a standard dual fuel tariff, paying on receipt of bill, with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

Why switch to npower?

npower is part of the Accurate Bills Code of Practice created by the industry trade group Energy UK, committing it to producing clearer bills that are easier for customers to understand.

npower's parent company, the RWE Group, is one of the five largest gas and electricity companies in Europe, and has over 16 million electricity customers and 8 million gas customers.

npower renewable energy

The supplier is also one of just a few companies to have earned the Carbon Trust Award for sustainable management of energy, water and waste.

RWE npower renewables is one of the biggest wind-power and hydroelectric generators.

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